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Khwaja Yunus Ali Laboratory School & College

Khwaja Yunus Ali Laboratory School & College
strives to provide quality education to the students of this locality. While doctors, nurses, staffs and people come into the hospital from all over the country, it has been felt since long that it would be better to provide school facility for the wards of hospital members to give better education system with strong moral foundation. To achieve this goal the hospital management decided to integrate the education system from elementary stage. With this aim the Khwaja Yunus Ali Laboratory School & College elementary section is being launched in KYAMCH.


The Aim

Khwaja Yunus Ali Laboratory School & College has been planned with an aim to impart quality education with high moral standards. This school adopts English as the medium of instruction and communication in the school. KYAMCH management hopes that this make it possible to see the students studying in this school emerging as natural speakers of English.

In particular, the aims and objectives are as follows:
 · To adopt the most modern and well balanced instructional system to provide quality education.
 · To inculcate high moral values by incorporating Religious inputs in the curriculum in order for    developing strong moral character among the students.
 · To create dynamic and efficient leadership qualities among the students.
 · To make the students proficient leadership qualities among the students.
 · Every year a new class will be opened.


The Curriculum

English medium curriculum is used by the School. The curriculum includes suitable academic contents through the study of a broad range of academic disciplines, providing a stimulating educational environments with opportunities to learn in a variety of formal and informal contexts. This allows the students to have options to follow GEC O-Levels or the English medium stream of the Bangladesh Secondary Education Board. The choice of these streams can be made when the students cross Grade VIII.

The subjects and books are so chosen that good knowledge on the relevant subjects be imparted. Best possible books are selected from home as well as abroad to achieve this goal. In addition, the curriculum includes relevant religious subjects to inculcate high moral values among the students.

Method of Teaching

Instructor Led lesson is given in normal classroom lectures, which is supplemented by audio-visual and image projection methods. At Nursery and K. G. levels efforts are made to make education demonstrative as much as possible.

Teaching and School Leadership

Teachers of the school are well qualified who have adequate experience in teaching. They are definitely make education interesting to the students in the school.

Computer Lab

This is the age of computer. KYAMCH appreciates the importance of this and develops a well-organized computer lab sufficient to give computer based education to each of the students. Well-trained teachers are available for giving instruction to the students.

School Uniform

The design of the school uniform and the address of the tailor can be obtained from the Admission Office.

Fee Structure


Play Group


I & II



IV & X

Admission fee







Session fee/year







Tuition fee/month







Exam fee/semester







Some Salient Features of the School

 · Medium of instruction is English.
 · Quality syllabus and curriculum with IT base.
 · Religious input in Moral value building.
 · Quality Education.
 · Experienced teachers.
 · Computer lab.
 · Modern rich language lab.
 · Teaching without the need for private teaching at home.
 · Library with local and foreign books.
 · Linkage with the Main KYAMCH. School to be build with provision for using its facilities.
 · Maintaining of students' personal diary to keep records of the performance of the students including    teachers instruction and parents' communications.
 · Suitable co-curricular activities for students.
 · Strict security measures for students.
 · Parents feedback and continuous improvement of the students.
 · Quarterly parents-teachers meeting.
 · Reasonable fee structure.
 · Transport and hostel facilities in future.
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