Mission Statement
  • To provide access to state-of-art healthcare facility
  • To provide efficient cost effective healthcare services
  • To provide compassionate care to the patients
  • To enhance professional skill through advanced training for clinical and non clinical staff of the hospital
  • To build future healthcare leaders
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • To make world class academic referral hospital
  • To uphold medical ethics above all and always
Objective To Build The Hospital In Rural Area
  • To materialize the prophecy of the great Saint Hazrat Khwaja Yunus Ali ( R )
  • To give equal access of state of art medical facility to millions of deprived people living in urban semi urban and rural area of the country.
  • To create awareness about health and hygiene among the mass population
  • To establish undergraduate and post graduate medical education center at a pollution free environment
  • Expand the facility of Distance Learning Telemedicine through internet in rural area
  • To decentralize the health facility into rural area and break the taboo of establishment of tertiary medical facilities in City areas only
  • To create gender and race equal job opportunity in rural area
  • To create Replication scope

    Enayetpur is the holy birthplace of the great saint of the subcontinent Hazrat Khwaja Yunus Ali (R). Millions of followers visit Enayetpur throughout the year of pay their respect.Enayetpur is situated 147 kms from Capital Dhaka and 22.5 kms from JAMUNA BRIDGE linkink Northern and Southern part of the country.

The hospital is named after the great saint Hazrat Khwaja Yunus Ali ( R ), 60 years back the great saint one morning came to this site and hammered a wooden peg into land where the IPD reception is now situated and said “One day there will grow an establishment in this very land for the welfare of the people not only of the locality but would be for the society”.

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